What is secret

Secret is an online service that helps users to protect themselves from third-party information monitoring on the Internet by means of client-side encryption.

With Secret, you can easily send passwords, texts or any private information to others, The content will only be transmitted over the network in cipher text, also you can easily track when information is read, somewhat similar to read and burn, but safer.


If my key is also transmitted over the network, then doesn't the ciphertext transmission have no meaning? Indeed. However, the Secret service does not store the keys you generate at any step, more than that, the key will not be transmitted over the network.

All generated keys will be left for you to distribute, this means that all transmitted text content is encrypted ciphertext, No third-party hijacking and monitoring service can recognize the content of your messages.

owner -> client --> serialize + encrypt --> server

After the user initiates a secret request, Secret will work as follows:

  1. Information will be encrypted after standard serialization, the cipher text will be sent directly to the server for storage.
  2. Client generates decoding key, server-side generation of consumable reading keys.
  3. Serialize multiple keys with mixed encryption to generate a consumable URL address.

Any consumable URL address is unique, single-use, time-limited, etc., it is up to the user to decide who to send these consumer links to, Anyone with a consumer link can immediately access, Secret will then proceed as follows:

  1. Analysis of multiple keys for consumer links, local verification.
  2. Request a ciphertext by reading key.
  3. Local decoding of cipher text, disabling consumer links.

Covenant and Consideration

Secret was originally designed to improve the security of text messages transmitted over the network, any future upgrades and optimizations will be based on the following conventions:

  • Store: only transmits the ciphertext on the network, only stores ciphertext.
  • Privacy:does not collect any user privacy, such as environment, location, etc.
  • Expire:cipher and key will always expire automatically (whether set or not)
  • Product:will not be used as any file sharing tool.

Sharing rich text, multimedia, applications, files, etc. may lead to tools being used accidentally for phishing, attacks, illegal sharing, etc., Secret does not recognize and analyze user content, to ensure a reasonable and friendly application, Secret will always only be used to share text.


Secret maximizes network security and reduces the possibility of third-party hijacking and sniffing attacks on users, it can also prevent users from leaking information due to monitoring by the network operators. Security is relative, it is important to note that there is still a very low risk of exposure of your information to:

  • The clipboard or browser is hijacked when you are using a web application.
  • Screen recording by third parties, input method hijacking, etc.
  • Social engineering risks, etc.

None of the above risks are considered in the design of this application.


If you believe that part of the design may have potential vulnerabilities or could be optimized, please create an Issue.

If you confirm that you have found an existing security issue, please contact me by Email.